HealthSTAR Communications has been offering marketing communications services to the life sciences industry for over two decades. To date, HealthSTAR has partnered with over 90 life sciences companies representing hundreds of brands. The HealthSTAR Communications Network has a legacy of delivering extraordinary solutions to the life sciences industry and the commitment to continue evolving to meet the needs of our clients.

Over two decades delivering cutting-edge technology that enables superior service across our clients’ stakeholders. HSE offers end-to-end solutions for compliant engagements:

A full-service medical education agency integrated within the HealthSTAR Network. HFG works with global & domestic brands, delivering strategic clinical education for HCPs & Patients. HFG delivers essential elements for state-of-the-art medical communications, including:

A full-service healthcare agency with a focus on specialty brands, oncology & rare diseases. Centron’s deep collective experience has led us to know there is not a one-size-fits all approach. Services include:

Leveraging over two decades of commercial success and proprietary technologies, HPE uses a proven, holistic approach to patient engagement, from strategy and content development to support and logistical services, with a comprehensive foundation of compliance, data management, and analytics.

Dynamic Content –

Creation & Refinement

Virtual Content Experts

Virtual Strategies – Creating a Virtual Biorhythm™


Develop a storyboard for program content, flow and interaction to create excitement and bolster participantion


Recruit targets easily and efficiently with customizable registration options


Create “lean-in” moments with interactive engagement to produce measurable outcomes


Providing white glove service and expertise for simplicity and continuity for all stakeholders

Call to Action

Closing the knowledge gap to stimulate a sense of urgency to act


Robust analytics and reporting


Single Point of Contact Model

Dedicated client teams trained on compliance policies, customer procedures and operational business rules

Communications and Alerts

System generated communications to ensure timely messages to all stakeholders

Compliant Tools
and Templates

Support client-directed policies and procedures

Scalable and Flexible

Flexible pool of in-house resources to support the entire suite of services and tactics

Centralized Processes

Ensure efficient, seamless execution of logistics

Virtual Meeting Moderators

Sets the stage for an interactive meeting
Controls the virtual environment, allowing the presenters to focus on the presentation

Medical Moderators

PhD’s on staff
Increase engagement dialogue, drive participation across attendees

Technology –

Flexible integrated virtual platforms & mobile applications

HealthSTAR vConnect®

HealthSTAR vConnect® named a finalist by PM360 Magazine for a TrailBlazer Award for Best Digital App/Digital Solution in 2019

HealthSTAR’s vConnect® Modules

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