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HealthSTAR is a network for talented, entrepreneurial, and driven individuals who are looking to join a team-oriented culture of success founded on our core values. We are proud that nearly a quarter of our team members have been employed at HealthSTAR for over 5 years. Our ability to offer career growth opportunities is one of the key differentiators between HealthSTAR and others in the marketplace.

HealthSTAR Spotlight Article #1 Pauline DeLoughery

HealthSTAR Communications is proud to launch our first HealthSTAR Team Member Spotlight Article! Once a month the Spotlight team will interview a fellow team member from inside the HealthSTAR Network. These interviews will focus on current and past roles inside the HealthSTAR Network but will also offer a chance for the Spotlighted team member to share some personal history and experiences as well. We look forward sharing all these unique stories through the HealthSTAR Spotlight Blog.

Pauline DeLoughery, VP Account Services, 18 Year HealthSTAR Team Member

For Pauline DeLoughery Saturday’s in the Fall consist of two things, Family and Notre Dame Football. For Pauline these Saturday traditions stretch back to her childhood, when she was growing up in nearby Bergenfield NJ. Pauline is the daughter of Irish Immigrants; her father John Connolly knew Notre Dame Football was a perfect mix of celebrating their Irish heritage and supporting America’s favorite sport. The family tradition started by her father is still carried on by Pauline and her family. For close to 10 years Pauline and her family have has been carrying on this tradition in her home in West Milford NJ that she shares with her husband and two sons. If you are still not sure if the Notre Dame passion is real, the family dog is named Rudy after the 1993 box-office hit of the same name. These Saturday gamedays reflect the love and passion Pauline has for her family.

Pauline’s professional success is a direct result of her hard work, determination and passion for whatever she is doing. Pauline has never been afraid of a challenge and that fearlessness is clearly reflected in her career growth at HealthSTAR Communications. Pauline started working in the Mahwah office for HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements (formally SCS Healthcare Marketing) in March of 2001. No that is not a typo, Pauline has been a team member at HealthSTAR for over EIGHTEEN years. Pauline was one of the first 40 team members hired by HSE. HealthSTAR Strategic Engagements was founded in 1998 and Pauline was joining right as the business was about to seriously grow.

“If you’re plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal”

Pauline’s Favorite Motto

Pauline’s first job at HealthSTAR was as a Program Manager. Program Managers back then had different challenges than today. In 2001 all the programs were organized on excel spreadsheets and the fax machines all throughout the office were the main form of receiving/sending information. After having success as a Program Manager, Pauline worked her way to a Project Manager and then a huge opportunity materialized. The year is 2003 and a client needed a HealthSTAR team member that could move out to their headquarters and spend 6 or more months working directly in the client’s office, which happened to be in California. Pauline took on the challenge and moved out to California for the next 6 months. Not only was the opportunity in California a huge career opportunity but Pauline reconnected with a friend from Bergenfield who later become her husband.

From 2005 through 2014 Pauline would continue to grow at HealthSTAR and beyond. Outside of HealthSTAR, Pauline married in 2008 and bought her new home in West Milford in 2009. After moving into her new home, Pauline and her husband would welcome two sons into their lives. At HealthSTAR during these 9 years Pauline would be promoted 5 more times, taking on more challenges along the way, she worked as a Director of Grants Management, Director of Field Marketing, Account Supervisor and Account Director.  A major milestone in Pauline’s career came in 2012 as she was the point person for the accounts services team in implementing a new client on the HealthSTAR platform, MER360®. In 2014 Pauline was elevated to Vice President of Account Services. In her current role, Pauline is responsible for overseeing the day to day activities for some of HealthSTAR’s clients. Since 2014 Pauline has continued to grow in her role and take on more and more responsibility. Today Pauline manages a full team and works on multiple different accounts, including the first client she helped bring on board in 2012.

Pauline believes in the mission and core values of HealthSTAR. She is a shining example of what hard work and determination can bring. But Pauline has also been a contributor in creating the culture at HealthSTAR. We believe we have a culture that is unique. A culture where individuals have the opportunity to become team members. Even through the staggering growth that HealthSTAR Communications has undergone, the small business and personal feel is still shining through. And team members like Pauline are a cornerstone in helping HealthSTAR continue to grow while keeping that unique culture intact. Pauline is now a veteran of this business and has a wealth of knowledge that helps her bring the best service to her clients. But Pauline also believes deeply in the culture of HealthSTAR Communications, a culture where team members care for one another.

“Always give it your all and never stop trying.  If you get knocked down, get back up, and keep it moving and never back down or shy away from a challenge, because you’re strong enough to do it if you believe in yourself.  And if you make a mistake, own it. Don’t repeat it. Learn from it and move forward.”

Pauline’s advice to a younger version of herself

Pauline’s journey is a story of determination and a drive to always look for the next challenge. Her resiliency, toughness and attitude have propelled her to extraordinary achievements at HealthSTAR but more importantly at home. All of us at HealthSTAR are lucky to have Pauline on our side and we cannot wait to see what she achieves next.

Pauline DeLoughery Quick Facts

•             Born in the Bronx NY

•             Raised in Bergenfield NJ

•             Pauline is married and has 2 Sons

•             Notre Dame Football Fanatic

•             Dog Named Rudy

•             18+ years at HealthSTAR

•             Worked on 16 Different Clients 

•             Has worked in every Department at HSE

The Spotlight team is extremely grateful for Pauline’s participation in this new and exciting project; Thank you Pauline!

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