Culture of Innovation

For over 20 years, HealthSTAR has had a culture of delivering on client objectives and staying ahead of the marketplace with a commitment to continually invest in value-added services, cutting-edge technology, message delivery platforms, and strategic partnership.

As leaders in medical communications and compliance, we continue to evolve our workflows and transaction systems to deliver efficient and effective engagements.

In addition to the evolution of core platforms, HealthSTAR provides the marketplace with proprietary products that support compliance, message delivery, engagements, and event data management.

Cutting-Edge Technology

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Innovative Peer to Peer Engagements

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnership areas include:
  • Life Sciences Cloud-Computing, CRM Applications
  • National Travel Service
  • Audio Visual
  • National Restaurant Chains
  • Studio and Large Broadcast Production

An example of HealthSTAR’s strategic partnerships includes being a fully certified, fully integrated Silver Technology Partner of Veeva CRM Events Management.

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